Making Sense of Wedding Videos


Helping you avoid the most common regret brides have.

Going through a wedding planning and budgeting process is not easy and not for the faint at heart. Most couples accept that finding the perfect photographer is an absolute necessity, yet find themselves humming and haa-ing on whether or not to engage with a professional wedding video team.

The precious things that we hold on to for sentimental value are going to differ drastically from person to person, but let’s face it, home video recordings are the ultimate keepsakes. Video has the ability to bring us right back into the moment, through visuals, ambiance and sounds, in a way that photography just can’t capture.

In a photograph, you may get a snapshot of someone laughing, with a video you will know instantly what caused the laughter to happen and replay clips to your heart's content. Most importantly, you will be able to capture the vows, toasts, and speeches from family members and friends. Some brides have shared that their wedding video is the last footage taken of their elderly family members, you can witness your guests celebrating with you and relive the exact moment over and over again. For us, those moments are irreplaceable.

Please accept this article as an invitation to take a cleansing breathe in. Exhale and empty all the doubts and questions parading around your mind. It’s time to appreciate your efforts and sense of curiosity, because if you’re reading this, you’re probably tired of looking at demo reels and website portfolios and just want to decide. Yay or nay on a professional wedding video crew? After reading this, you’ll be closer to the answer.

We’ll explore how much an average Canadian couple spends on a wedding, the most common regret among married couples, and why hiring an experienced wedding video team is essential.

Let’s get real. You and your fiancé must be wondering, how much is this going to cost?

Well, if you are planning a wedding right now, there is a good chance you fall somewhere around the 25-31 age group, also known as the millennials. The average income in Ontario in 2017 was $52, 260, more specifically, the median income for millennials was $38,148. Alright, that’s not a bad start eh?

Now wedding budgets are a tricky topic, try and guess the average spend on a Canadian wedding in 2015:

Thank you for your answer! In a poll by Ipsos on wedding expenses conducted exclusively for Global News, Canadians say a realistic price tag for a wedding is around $9,000, a far cry from the $30,717 Canadians were spending on average in 2015.


According to the 2017 Statista study, the average cost of a wedding in Canada was estimated at $42, 400.56 Canadian dollars. If you’re among the majority of millennials, you’ll likely spend even more than that figure on your wedding day alone.

Well, all this number talk has got my palms sweaty.

That means an average wedding will cost more than what half of us make across an entire year. Despite 81% of us saying that a grand wedding is not a good investment, these stats show that the majority of us end up investing a substantial amount into it anyway. I mean if there is ever a day to go big or go home, it may as well be your wedding day, so that makes a lot of sense.

This is the one circumstance in our lives where money really can buy happiness in the form of flowers, prosecco and cakes! Don’t sweat the money talks, because at the end of the day, we only live once. The reason we’re discussing numbers in the first place is to get us all in the right context.

Now that we’ve gotten to grips with what a typical wedding budget looks like, we’ll discover why you need to make space in there for a quality, professional video team.


No matter what, we can spend days, months and even years planning and fretting and doing everything in our power to control how our wedding will be, but the show must go on and that day too, shall pass. Several publications opened up the floor to married couples to get the truth behind the flashing lights. They were brave and bold and shared the biggest regrets from their own weddings.

We didn’t have a videographer (I wish it was in the budget), but we planned to have my husband’s cousin record the ceremony and were hoping to have several people record the reception (but didn’t plan who) to get a lot of fun perspectives. Well, that didn’t happen. We missed the speeches, first dances, and the party. I wish we had video of that!
— Meghan
My worst regret is that I did not have a video made. At the time, I thought, ‘who would I invite to watch this? People I didn’t invite to the wedding? That would be rude.’ So I didn’t have one made. But now I wish I had because I would love to watch it. Plus, there’s a lot that goes on at your wedding that you aren’t even aware of, and it would be wonderful to look at the whole day.
— Nanette
Being too frugal with photo and video. Those are the only two things that I truly think are worth investing in, even if it’s a little budget stretch. You can’t get those moments back!
— Tiffany
We hands down would have booked a videographer! While our memories of it all are amazing, we wish we had documented in that was as well.
— Liz
Hiring a family friend instead of a proper vendor. I wish I’d have stuck with my gut and hired a professional.
— Callie

According to the Huffington Post, not having a videographer is a wedding day regret 98% of brides have.

These are the reasons why you need to make sure that hiring a professional video team to capture the magic of your day is top priority. There is nothing that will make you relive the joy of your wedding day quite like a proper video can.

The average cost of an experienced, cinematic wedding video team these days is a mere 6% - 13% of that average budget from 2017 mentioned earlier. That’s around $2500 - $5500. It really isn’t as expensive as you think when we put it into the bigger picture painted by those average budgets.

It is very common for couples to fuss on this decision and choose to forego having professional videographers hired to cover their wedding day. It is one of the items on the list that is looked at either too little too late or as a luxury. People often pass the duty of recording videos onto their wedding guests or family members, who let’s face it, will want to be enjoying the party and focused on celebrating with you.

If you ask favours of guests or members of your family, there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. You need someone with years of experience, not only with a camera in their hand, but the ability to read a room and know where to be to get your granny doing shots and dancing or the flower girls sneaking away for a nap in their pretty little outfits.

At the core of a successful videographer is a big heart with the eye for the important moments, someone who will work tirelessly  to make you happy and honour your creativity, values and vision. Videographers are modern day storytellers, sharing the unspoken secrets to a happy life through our lenses.

A wedding video is a sentimental investment for the rest of your life. 98% of brides regret not hiring a videographer, so why leave it up to chance? The videos are the only way to keep the day alive, re-awakening your sense of romance and true love, forever.

Let’s rewind once more. The average cost of a wedding in Canada is around $42,400.56. 98% of brides regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding day. Putting those factors together, with a mere 6% ($2500) - 13% ($5500) of that average budget, you could afford a basic, 10 hour video package up to an all-inclusive a 12 hour package (complete with a same day edit + drone operator) with a couple of the greatest wedding videographers operating in Ontario. (Price ranges are sourced from Green Orchard Studio’s Video Team)

So what’s it going to be, yay, or nay?

You tell me in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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